Design Reform Oy yritystunnus

We are a design agency with over 30 years of experience – Design for Success.

Design Reform

Design Reform Ltd is dedicated to design-excellence and client success
and is one of Finland’s leading design-strategy firms. Founded in 1988 by Industrial Designer Reijo Markku, MA, it is located in the heart of Helsinki. Design Reform excels at interpreting customer and user needs and creating successful solutions in the market.

Both its team and its founder have a deep and broad design experience with over 1000 successful projects. These include industrial design, corporate identity design, service design, urban planning, 3D modeling, 3D-animation and Virtual Reality productions, supported by dynamic sales and marketing solutions, producing exceptionally high value.

Design From Finland ja Avainlippu - Tunnus The company’s core business is complete design management. We create solutions to match client needs for products and services, corporate image and marketing communications. Complete design management takes different sub-areas into account and ensures clients always get the best results. We develop the entire design from idea to launching a finished product or service and doing after-sales marketing. Our Strategic Service combines a wide range of design disciplines to produce strategic and tactical solutions that together greatly improve the competitiveness of clients. In recognition for its excellent work, Design Reform has been granted the Design From Finland label.

Design Services

  • Concepts and prototypes
  • Industrial design
  • User interface design
  • Packaging design

  • Customer insight
  • Workshops
  • Fast prototyping
  • Commercialization

  • Corporate identity design
  • Web design
  • Print media
  • Commercial spaces

  • Visualizations
  • 2D animation
  • 3D animation
  • Virtual reality productions

As an established network player, we are able to handle commissions of all sizes flexibly. Design Reform has a highly talented partner network, with professionals who are the best in their fields.

Selected Work

  • BSAG Kiertotalous animaatio
  • Outotec C-Plant 3D-virtuaalimalli
  • Yle Teknologia Ilmiokartta
  • Ductor Animaatio
  • LAMK NiemiCampus opastustyöpaja


  • Reijo Markku

  • Managing Director, Industrial designer
  • With over 30 years experience he has a deep and broad understanding of all the elements needed for improving business. Both SME´s and large Finnish companies turn to him to support them with their local and international development projects. Among his awards he was chosen the Industrial Designer of Finland year, 2013.
  • reijo.markku [at]
  • linkedin25x25
  • Juhana Karhu

  • Industrial designer
  • Juhana Karhu has been in the Design Reform team since 2000 and involved in wide range of projects ranging from urban design to laboratory equipment. Juhana is highly talented in 3d-animations and visualization.
  • juhana.karhu [at]
  • Ari-Matti Savolainen

  • Industrial designer
  • Ari-Matti Savolainen has worked in Design Reform since 2012. His expertise is in areas of graphic design and product design that combine to enhance product communication, usability and pleasure in design.
  • ari-matti.savolainen [at]
  • Sauli Pietikäinen

  • Industrial designer
  • Sauli Pietikäinen has year 2014 established in Design Reform team. He quickly understands problems and produces original concepts and innovative solutions. He has excellent project communication skills and persistancy.
  • sauli.pietikainen [at]
  • linkedin25x25