View a range of Reform’s projects.

VR showreel about the diverse opportunities that virtual visualizations have offered our customers.

In this video by Reform you will find out why to choose Meltron lighting solutions for different purposes.

Flowrox animation

Video of our Virtual Showroom showcasing new Flowrox devices.

Picosun wanted a dynamic virtual sales tool that can be accessed through the cloud.

VR and animations highlight the technical solutions and superiority of the Raute product.

Vision of Future Living

In this video you can see the future vision of a residential building that combines traditional building techniques with new 3D-printed concrete-like material.

Rain is a simple and visual platform developed by Lempea Edge.

Animation about the technical solutions and superiority of the Raute veneer drying line.

Picosun Video Animation

Design Reform was involved in making the animated parts of the Picosun corporate video.

The animation showcases the Outotec standardized and modular OKTOP® product components which are used to build OKTOP® reactor plants.