View a range of Reform’s projects.

Flowrox has developed a new and efficient water purification technology that enables a completely chemical free water purification process.

Reform made the presentation video for its long-time client, Harp Technologies. This animation introduces the company and the various product lines as well as their remote sensing technology in more detail.

Design Reform produced a video of Picosun’s new innovative Morpher device for launching and marketing.

Picosun’s new Morpher device concept design, graphical user interface design and branding are all part of Design Reform´s expertise.

Flowrox’s next generation precision metering pumps are an example of Design Reform’s industrial design expertise.

Raute Veneer Composing Line

VR and animations highlight the technical solutions and superiority of the Raute product.

The Baltic Slurry Acidification project aims to reduce nitrogen losses in animal manure by promoting the introduction of manure acid treatment techniques throughout the Baltic Sea.

Design Reform created Outotec’s Dry Tailings Plant animation and virtual reality application.

The Mobidiag Product design, branding and the user interface were designed by Design Reform.

Video for Amplidiag

Design Reform provided Mobidiag with a video of its new Amplidiag® Easy product.