View a range of Reform’s projects.

HSL Pyoraparkki tuotemuotoilu

Reform has been involved in a development project to design guide solutions for HSL’s new bike parks.

ePeli Electric Bus Charging Mast Product Design

Reform has been involved in an extensive development project to design charging masts for HSL’s new electric buses.

Finnish Pipe Reform Animation

Reform conceived and designed a 3D animation for the Suomen Putkiuudistus, which tells about their service.

Econet markkinointimateriaali

Reform delivered an interactive iPad presentation to Econet at the Astana Expo 2017 World Exhibition.

Reform made a presentation of the nominees for the Game Development World Championship at Slush -16.

Suomen Putkiuudistus – messuosasto

Reform, together with its partner Muotomainos, designed a stand for the 2017 Real Estate Fair for Suomen Putkiuudistus.

Bofort Animation

Reform provided the company with a 3D animation that explains the logistics, temporary storage and handling of containers.

Altum Technologies

The corporate identity, web pages, 3D animation, product visualizations and much of the marketing material is handwritten by Reform.

Tekes MaaS

Design Reform, in cooperation with Knowhill, implemented four virtual reality productions for Tekes.

Reform designed a trade fair for Fazer at the world’s largest tax-free TFWA trade fair in Cannes.