Concepts and prototypes
Industrial design
User interface design
Packaging design

Flowrox has developed a new and efficient water purification technology that enables a completely chemical free water purification process.

Picosun’s new Morpher device concept design, graphical user interface design and branding are all part of Design Reform´s expertise.

Flowrox’s next generation precision metering pumps are an example of Design Reform’s industrial design expertise.

The Mobidiag Product design, branding and the user interface were designed by Design Reform.

HSL Pyoraparkki tuotemuotoilu

Reform has been involved in a development project to design guide solutions for HSL’s new bike parks.

ePeli Electric Bus Charging Mast Product Design

Reform has been involved in an extensive development project to design charging masts for HSL’s new electric buses.

For more than 30 years, Solotop has been producing reliable shop scales that have become familiar with fruit and vegetable countertops.


Voimapaasi is the direct heir for the log batteries that delighted athletes. The original log battery developer has been involved in the design work.


Founded in 1965, Peltitarvike is Finland’s largest manufacturer of roof drains and market leader.

Oilon Geopro RE maalämpöpumppu

Reform was developing and designing this new, market-leading geothermal heat pump.